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Parish Office Pro is a highly sophisticated online management system that will put you back in control of your parish office diary.

Long gone are the days when most parishes contained just one church and could be managed by just one vicar using a single diary. Today, many churches are grouped together in a variety of different ways. Collaborative team ministries and clergy groups are normal. Regardless of the legal construction of these groups, managing them and co-ordinating what's happening day by day has become a nightmare. A typical parish office may resort to multiple diaries and wallcharts to keep some semblance of control. But, far too often, they just don't work.

That's where Parish Office Pro can make a real difference.

Parish Office Pro has been specifically designed to manage multiple-church, ministry team benefices. Using up-to-date cloud technologies, Parish Office Pro will allow you to manage service bookings and appointments across all your churches. And because the system works with desktop computers, tablets and many smart phones, this information is also available to you wherever you are - in the office (obviously), in the vestry, at the vicarage or even whilst out visiting.

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