Parish Office Pro is not new. It started way back in 2006 to tackle real problems in a group of nine churches in rural Lincolnshire. The system proved very successful and has been modified and enhanced several times since then.

The Parish Office Pro system today is a complete redesign of that early system and is now available for you to use in your group of parishes. It uses the latest cloud technologies to provide concise, accurate and up-to-date information to all members of your ministry team.

You can use a tablet computer and even some smart-phones to access your Parish Dairy. This means that you can check, add and change appointments and services, anywhere and at any time - even when you're out visiting parishioners. And all members of the ministry team have instant access to the same Parish Office Pro online diary so there's less chance of double-booking and clashing appointments.

When you need to make a printed list of services, it takes a couple of clicks for Parish Office Pro to compile your report and send it to your printer. You'll find that the reporting functions in Parish Office Pro are comprehensive; it even provides a print-out with all the details for a wedding for you to complete the register.

What else would you expect, when Parish Office Pro has been designed by a member of the clergy?

See how Parish Office Pro can help you regain control of your parish office diary today. Just use the link on the left to begin your 60-day free trial.